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Thanks For Caring G. Lusby

Thanks For Caring

G. Lusby

Published July 24th 2012
Kindle Edition
157 pages
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 About the Book 

Thanks For Caring is a war-torn love story that witnesses the hand of fate as two total strangers are brought together under extraordinary conditions. Gary, a twenty-year-old U.S. Marine from Maryland serving in Vietnam, and Patty, a cute little nineteen-year-old southern belle from Florida, both live separate lives, but that is all about to change. During the winter of 1966, Gary and Patty, through a random Red Cross Christmas package, would begin a written relationship that would send them on a journey together that would last for over a year. Through actual excerpts from her letters, the story weaves her life into his and gives him the will and determination to survive his ordeal in Vietnam and come home to the girl who saved his life. This loving stranger who wrote to him every day and gave him a reason to not give up.